We drive the end-to-end strategy through understanding our customers and partners to build the future of e-commerce. These teams leverage data-driven approaches to build world-class experiences and relationships for our customers, partners, and employees.

What We Do


Category Management for the Future

We are rethinking strategy for thousands of product categories offered across all business channels and tens of millions of products, creating a new approach to partnerships with suppliers across the globe.

Strategy & Analytics

We use sophisticated analytical methods to optimize our product categories, build and oversee our dynamic pricing systems, and gather and analyze competitive information to ensure all customers can find and purchase what they need.

We’re Our Own Agency

We create and build every single creative asset our customers see – from print, digital, and even television on a global level. We are changing the way customers experience e-commerce and revolutionizing what it means to be a household brand.

Next-Generation Merchandising

We apply cutting-edge personalization, automation, and 3D imagery while reimagining traditional retail strategies to serve our customers.

Our Teams

Sets and executes the strategy for product categories, develops and nurtures partner relationships, and drives better selection and inventory for our customers.
Optimizing Wayfair’s bottom line while navigating complex and strategic business opportunities.
Building an inclusive and innovative organization that empowers all Wayfairians to work at their full potential.
Onboard and maintain our vast product catalog, developing strategies to guide our customers through our large selection and help them find exactly what they need.
Highly quantitative and analytical, our marketing teams optimize all of our channels to provide the organization with cutting-edge strategies to attract, acquire, and retain customers.
One of the retail industry’s largest in-house creative agencies fueling all forms of on-site and off-site marketing and communication with our customers.
Steering the growth and profitability across the business leveraging technology, data, and economic models.

Featured Roles

Development Coordinator
Services Forecasting
App Marketing
Partner Operations (EU)
Talent Acquisition

The foundation of our home.

There is an old saying that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts – and that’s us. From revolutionizing Human Resources to being our own in-house creative agency, we work cross-functionally and collaboratively to ensure that our customers, partners, and employees have everything they need to build the best home, the best business, and the best career.
KeyAnna says...
“I have been able to do some amazing work at Wayfair because there are smart, committed people here who have a passion for tackling seemingly impossible problems and finding solutions, especially when it comes to our people, communities, and customers.”

Anthony says...
“I think some of the work being done here is one of a kind because we have really great people – from leadership to early career and out in the field – who bring creativity and great ideas to the table that aren’t found anywhere else.”
Ashleigh says...
“What I love most about Wayfair is that I honestly learn something new every day. I enjoy that the needs of the business change quickly, I’m pushed to take risks and move fast, and I have a strong team and set of peers to push my thinking. It is constant professional and personal growth alongside a group of talented, kind colleagues.”

What’s New

November 26, 2021
November is Native American Heritage Month in the United States, an opportunity to celebrate the richness of Native and Indigenous history, culture, and traditions. WayNative, Wayfair’s North American Native and Indigenous Employee Resource Group (ERG), focuses on creating an inclusive environment that supports indigenous populations and offers a space for conversation within the community.
2 Min Read
October 15, 2021
September 15 through October 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States, an opportunity to celebrate the history, culture, and achievements of the Latinx and Hispanic communities. Stephanie Rivera Ortiz is one of the leaders of Latinx@Wayfair, an Employee Resource Group (ERG) for Latinx employees at Wayfair. We spoke to Stephanie about what Hispanic Heritage Month means to her and how everyone can get involved.
4 Min Read
October 12, 2021
At Wayfair, members of our award-winning customer service team understand that the customer’s experience is more than just a phone call – it takes compassion, empathy, and a desire to deliver the best experience possible, every step of the way. From October 4-8, Wayfair celebrated Customer Service Appreciation Week by speaking with five of our customer service consultants across the company, from Berlin to Oregon, Utah, and Galway, about who they are and what customer service means to them.
5 Min Read
October 6, 2021
When shopping for your home - it's personal. Home is where we unwind after a long day, where we spend quality time with family and friends. It’s where we play, entertain and, for many of us, it’s where we work. At Wayfair, we are focused on giving everyone the power to create spaces that are just right for them, and our award-winning Customer Service team plays an essential role in that. From sharing specialized product expertise for a home improvement project, or providing a delivery update for a much-anticipated crib, to being there to make it right if things go wrong, our team supports our customers every step of the way.
2 Min Read
September 22, 2021
Matt Cabral is no stranger to transitions. After nearly eight years of service in the United States Army, he transitioned from his position as Captain to enter civilian life and faced a pivotal moment shared by many of his fellow veterans: how to translate the experiences and invaluable skills he gained during his time in service to a new kind of workforce. To help make that transition, he turned to Hiring Our Heroes.
3 Min Read
September 15, 2021
This article is part of our "Employee Spotlight" series where we speak to and highlight some of the wonderful people who make up the Wayfair team.
2 Min Read
August 12, 2021
Each summer, Wayfair welcomes dozens of interns to teams ranging from Engineering to Talent Management. These undergraduate, MBA, and high school students are immersed in a 10-week program that aligns them with challenging and real projects to push them further on their way to advancing their careers. With the opportunity to grow and collaborate with leaders across the company, Wayfair’s interns work collaboratively on all facets of the business to gain the experience and knowledge needed to reach their professional goals.
6 Min Read
August 4, 2021
This article is part of our series "Employee Spotlight," where we speak to and highlight some of the wonderful people who make up the exceptional teams at Wayfair.
5 Min Read
July 28, 2021
This article is part of our series “Conversations With Creatives,” where we connect with the talented individuals of Wayfair’s Creative teams to hear their insights. They share their perspectives on their roles, their experiences, and what makes Wayfair a destination for creatives of every kind.
3 Min Read
June 30, 2021
This article is part of our series "Employee Spotlight," where we speak to and highlight some of the wonderful people who make up the exceptional teams at Wayfair.
5 Min Read