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Our Founders

March 17, 2021
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Chairman and Co-Founder
March 17, 2021
Co-Chairman and Co-Founder
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Executive Leadership

Vice President, House and Specialty Brands, Media, Advertising and New Supplier Acquisition
Vice President, Infrastructure and Platform Engineering
Vice President, Head of Finance & Accounting
Chief Financial Officer
Chief People Officer
Vice President, Head of Operations in Europe
Vice President and Head of Europe
Vice President, Wayfair Professional and Perigold
Vice President, Global Brand, Creative, and Curated Merchandising
Chief Global Supply Chain Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Commercial Officer
Vice President, Storefront and Marketing Performance
Chief Marketing Officer
Vice President, Global Head of Category Management
Vice President, Global Head of Customer and Supplier Technology
Vice President, Pricing, Forecasting, and Supplier Experience
Vice President, Product Management, Experience Design, and Analytics