How We Work
At Wayfair, our People Principles define how we operate as individuals, teams, and a company. They are commitments that we practice and aspire to every day – the North Star that we anchor on – the true distillation of who we are.

Wayfair’s success is directly tied to three key elements:

Great People
Great people have diverse perspectives but share a commitment to respect, a love of solving hard problems, and a spirit of having fun through the hustle.
Great Ideas
Great ideas come from anywhere within our walls and are grounded in both data and instinct, inspired by what we see in the world, and often fully bespoke and homegrown.
Great Ambition
Great ambition is what drives us. We’re in constant pursuit of doing better – by our customers, by our people, and by our community.

It’s on these three elements we anchor our People Principles:

Relentless Customer Focus.svg
Relentless Customer Focus
Delivering an exceptional customer experience drives everything we do. We invest in understanding our customers and partners. We are all in customer service.
Deliver Results with Agility.svg
Deliver Results With Agility
We prioritize work that drives long-term value. We execute with urgency, learn from failure, and nimbly pivot. The outcomes of our efforts are impactful, measurable results.
Use good judgment.svg
Use Good Judgement
We are bold and confident, never reckless. We make reasoned, calculated decisions based on data, critical thinking, and pattern recognition.
Build the Best Team.svg
Build the Best Team
We lead by setting the bar high, articulating clear goals, and diving deep. We hire, develop, and leverage only the best. Our leaders continually reevaluate and strengthen their teams and do not shy away from hard decisions. We expect and demonstrate excellence.
Collaborate Effectively.svg
Collaborate Effectively
We invest in cross-functional global partnerships that maximize impact and minimize duplication. We prize collaboration in all interactions – with our teammates, stakeholders, and suppliers. We disagree, align, and commit. Effectiveness and efficiency in collaboration are required.
Respect Others.svg
Respect Others
We earn and show respect, treating our teammates and partners with empathy and inclusion. We presume good intent while prioritizing impact. We balance confidence and candor with humility and kindness.
Be An Owner.svg
Be an Owner
We are Wayfair first. We act on what’s best for the company, ahead of team or individual goals. We spend every dollar as if it is our own. We take pride in Wayfair’s success while planning the next win. We always think long-term.
Innovate and Improve.svg
Innovate & Improve
We are not limited by precedent. We boldly challenge the norm. We continually identify opportunities to innovate, improve, and simplify. We value incremental improvements, but we also look for game-changing breakthroughs.
Adapt and grow.svg
Adapt & Grow
We value adaptability and self-reflection. We find opportunity in every change, experience, and mistake. We are committed to continuous self-improvement.
We actively foster and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion with a particular focus on programs meant to close the gap for underrepresented groups.

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