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June 4, 2021
Wayfair is an international company with a presence in multiple countries: US, Canada, UK, and Germany. And where our UK customer might look to purchase a “heater”, our US customer might use the term “radiator” to describe the same thing. We want to ensure we’re able to understand that both customers are referring to the same item and interpret feedback left by customers in the form of product reviews correctly.
June 4, 2021
In the previous installment, we talked about testing smaller components first, expanding the scope gradually, and learning more about the platform of choice in the process.
June 3, 2021
In early August, the Data Science (DS) team put on their first DS-wide hackathon. The global hackathon event brought together Boston and Berlin based data scientists for one day of hacking and demos. The event challenged teams to think big about how algorithms can transform Wayfair’s business and help unveil unseen possibilities. Some successful tools and products on our site, like our Visual Search tool, started as hackathon projects! The hackathon is a fun challenge to try out new methods or algorithms, explore a different part of the business, and collaborate with team members across disciplines.
May 26, 2021
Have you ever wondered how engineering teams tackle the challenge of ensuring reliability and performance amid increasing site traffic? If so, I hope the information in this four-part series will be of interest to you.
April 21, 2021
During the Presidential campaign season in America, it can be almost impossible to escape the near constant coverage and conversations surrounding the premiere candidates and their positions on the issues. However, as voters look further down the ballot, they’ll find lesser-known candidates in local races who don’t receive the same kind of national attention that Presidential candidates do. As a result, voters may find themselves uninformed on those candidates' views and unsure of who they’d prefer to vote for.
February 22, 2021
In 2018, Wayfair decided to move to a hybrid cloud infrastructure to host our storefront. We landed on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as our infrastructure as a service provider, enabling our developer and infrastructure teams to move fast by providing a robust set of APIs and a highly flexible and scalable environment.
February 12, 2021
Excitement buzzed in the virtual air -- after multiple years of work, we were finally going live! As we ramped up our feature toggle, we were met with words no engineer wants to hear: “Your service isn’t performing fast enough. We need you to toggle off.”
February 10, 2021
Before we start: despite my best efforts, this text contains many so-called male default terms, like leader, officer, or manager, which although they are generally believed to be gender-neutral, are considered by most men and sadly also the majority of women as male. I am therefore using pronouns when a male default term appears in the text for the first time.
February 8, 2021
Here at Wayfair Engineering, we're aggressively migrating our monolithic systems into decoupled (independent) libraries and microservices. Decoupled libraries and services allow us to build faster and deploy more frequently, but they can create discoverability and software testing challenges. In this blog post, we'll show you how we used Storybook to solve some of those problems for our frontend codebase.