Brad West

Bradley West

June 19, 2024
Here at Wayfair, we're passionate about creating a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for every customer. And that experience goes beyond just browsing our vast selection of home goods. This commitment to the customer experience continues even when personalized help is needed – whether they have a quick question about a specific product or want to collaborate with one of our agents to find the perfect pieces for their home. To elevate the service we provide to our customers and empower our sales agents, we've developed an innovative experience powered by cutting-edge generative AI: Wayfair's Agent Co-pilot.
6 Min Read
September 1, 2022
Not everyone wants to speak with someone when they need to set up a return or report an issue with their order. We built an NLP-powered Virtual Assistant to provide our customers a fast and easy option that’s available 24/7 to resolve their service-related issues.
10 Min Read