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Stas Mytsyk

Stas leads Localization & Findability Engineering within Catalog Foundations at Wayfair. The organization provides technology and best practices for internationalizing data and services, localizing product catalogs, translating various types of content, and ensuring product findability across all markets and languages. The Catalog Findability teams provide a self-service platform to manage and validate catalogs to ensure products are properly merchandised and acts as a single source of truth on which product is available to customers on any Wayfair site. All of that contributes to Wayfair’s global operation and growth by enabling a geographically relevant and locally compliant experience for customers, partners, and engineers.

September 13, 2023
Wayfair is a company that believes growth is built on a strong global presence. Localization is a key element in successfully establishing ourselves in many markets and achieving the desired growth.
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