December 12, 2018
At Wayfair, we're always looking forward and we're always exploring new and promising technology. Through our partnership with Magic Leap we've made some groundbreaking contributions to an emerging computing paradigm – spatial computing.
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July 19, 2018
I’m Mike Festa and I’m the director of Wayfair Next. We are a team of 25 engineers carrying out R&D with cutting edge technology. We partner with other leading tech companies, such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Magic Leap, to bring new experiences to our customers on their emerging platforms. What are we working on, you ask? We’re excited and currently completing projects that span AR/VR, 3D Scanning, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and 3D Tools. There is a lot in the pipeline and we’re continuing to explore the feats of these interesting technological realms.
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October 5, 2016
When we started Wayfair Next - Wayfair’s R&D group that explores next generation experiences, we spoke to a lot of AR and VR application developers who were interested in creating experiences for us. In line with our engineering culture, we wanted to create the experiences ourselves and figure out how to help our customers better visualize our products. Home decor lends itself very well to the application of AR and VR technology. As we ventured further into AR and VR territory, we realized that visualization technology was not the barrier. The bottleneck was the dearth of 3D content out there, especially in the V-commerce space.
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July 24, 2016
There are three events in Boston this week where Wayfair engineers will be speaking.
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July 30, 2015
Performance is top priority here at Wayfair, because improved performance means an improved customer experience. A significant piece of web performance is the time it takes to render, or generate, the markup for a page. Over the last several months we've worked hard to improve the render performance on our customer facing sites, and ensure it's easier for our engineers to write code that results in page renders with optimal performance.
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