Suzi Curran

Suzi has been with Wayfair's engineering team since 2017 in a number of roles, including tech lead and engineering manager. Her work includes an award-winning hackathon project to increase deploy velocity and stability, improvements to the technical interview process to minimize bias, and incident management for high-profile events. When not building tools and services to support our catalog of zillions, Suzi can be found exploring Boston's parks and waterfront.

April 7, 2022
Have you considered contributing to open-source software but were not sure what the work entails? Maybe you heard some people even get paid to work on open source and are curious about where to begin. A good first step is to understand the common challenges and pitfalls that come with open-sourcing a new library, so you can avoid them. Come join me and the rest of the Dynamic Services team on our open source!
6 Min Read
February 1, 2019
Becoming a software engineer isn’t always straightforward or the same for each person; careers in the industry can start at any point in your working life, backed by a variety of studied disciplines or work experience. We know that good software engineers don’t always take the traditional path into development, which is why we’ve created Wayfair Labs.
4 Min Read