Jim Hagan

March 27, 2019
At the recent InfluxDays NYC 2019, Senior Engineer Richard Laskey shared some of our monitoring best practices using InfluxEnterprise. These efforts are critical and help improve the user experience on Wayfair by driving forward site-wide improvements, establishing best practices, and pushing positive change through many different teams.
1 Min Read
April 17, 2018
As Wayfair has grown and matured its software development and data center operations over the past decade, and particularly over the last five years, we have embraced the principle of providing maximum visibility into our processes and systems. The result is a very large logging and time series infrastructure built to receive a constant stream of application logs and metrics. Our logging infrastructure, built on the Elasticsearch stack, has benefited from continuous improvements from the Elastic company, as well as other resources such as consulting, training, and books. However, Graphite, our time series solution, has been more or less a self-supported system.
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