Marketing Jerry Chen

Jerry Chen

July 25, 2019
Experimentation plays a central role in understanding the business impact of data science strategies and solutions. A few weeks ago, Wayfair Data Science Manager Jerry Chen shared one way Wayfair has improved the experimentation process by building a unified test design and measurement platform (Gemini) for our marketing AB tests (read the blog post here!). In this video, Jerry will provide an introduction to running large scale Monte Carlo simulations to validate/optimize test design and measurement methodology using historical data.
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July 8, 2019
At Wayfair, data scientists help optimize our marketing channel performance by rapidly and iteratively developing machine learning algorithms and data-driven strategies. When it comes to measuring model efficacy, AB testing plays a central role and serves as a gold standard in strategic decision making within marketing. Due to the natural complexities in marketing operations, marketing-related test design and measurement require special techniques to account for multidimensional, sparse, seasonal, and autocorrelated observations. In this blog post, we will discuss these challenges, and introduce how Wayfair’s advanced marketing test platform —Gemini— remedies these issues.
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May 10, 2018
In April, I attended the Data Science Research Symposium at University of Massachusetts Amherst and gave a short talk highlighting Wayfair’s marketing data science projects. The full video and slides are below, but here's an overview.
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