Marketing Jen Wang

Jen Wang

July 30, 2021
How data scientists at Wayfair build scalable ML systems to programmatically optimize marketing decisions.
8 Min Read
May 2, 2018
At Wayfair, the data science teams collaborate with other partner teams to translate business problems into analytical frameworks, leverage data and machine learning to make robust predictions and recommendations, and build engineering architecture to scale up machine learning solutions. In a recent machine learning seminar at Northeastern University in Boston, Data Science Manager Jen Wang gave an overview of the team’s structure and a few examples of machine learning models used to solve business challenges at Wayfair. The final part of the seminar illustrates a case study (beginning at 23:40 in the video) of how marketing data scientists at Wayfair use uplift modeling to drive incremental revenue in display remarketing.
5 Min Read
May 2, 2018
Since I began my tenure at Wayfair as a data scientist, many PhD students and postdocs have reached out to ask for advice about the transition to data science in industry. After a fruitful collection of conversations, I’ve realized that there are popular misconceptions about what it means to be a data scientist.
6 Min Read