Customer Service Appreciation Week: Five Employees In The Spotlight

At Wayfair, members of our award-winning customer service team understand that the customer’s experience is more than just a phone call – it takes compassion, empathy, and a desire to deliver the best experience possible, every step of the way. From October 4-8, Wayfair celebrated Customer Service Appreciation Week by speaking with five of our customer service consultants across the company, from Berlin to Oregon, Utah, and Galway, about who they are and what customer service means to them.

Read on to meet Candace, Kimberly, Juan, Shane, and Felicia, all of whom demonstrate a understanding for customers and their needs on a daily basis.

Candace Huff.jpg

Candace Huff

Senior Manager, Customer Service Security

Candace has been with Wayfair for almost nine years and “has built a track record of helping her team find success while also driving positive results for Wayfair,” says Candace’s manager, Cody Vanderstappen. Today, Candace works as a Senior Manager on the Service Security Team out of Utah.

“Over the last 8.5 years, I've had the honor of working in multiple different departments, allowing me the opportunity to work with many outstanding individuals within Wayfair. I've never worked for a company that supports and invests so much time and effort into the internal mobility process, and I'm a testament of that fact,” says Candace.

When she isn’t making the customer experience even better, Candace enjoys spending time outdoors. “You'll find me living my best life outside in Utah's Wasatch Front and surrounding areas with my family.

We love a good camp fire off the grid, hiking or biking in the majestic mountains, playing in the best snow on earth, or enjoying local events.”

Kimberly Stone.JPG

Kimberly Stone

Senior Customer Service Consultant

Kimberly Senior Customer Service Consultant in Springfield, OR. According to our Springfield Site Director Joel Johnson, Kimberly “has been an outstanding support and peer leader since she joined the team."

Since she started her career at Wayfair two years ago, Kimberly has always been eager to bring energy and positivity to the team. “We have a team chat where we ask each other questions and encourage each other to have the best day possible. It is the sense of community that makes my job special,” says Kimberly.

Kimberly spends her time outside of work building her own furniture. “I like the feeling of making something out of nothing. I have made my son’s toddler bed, my daughters’ craft table and have participated in a holiday fair with my woodworking,” says Kimberly. Building for her family and being around her family is one of her greatest passions. “I love all aspects of being with my family; from a quiet night on the couch to coaching their soccer teams to weekend adventures.”

Juan Ortiz.png

Juan Ortiz

Senior Customer Service Consultant

Juan works from Utah helping Wayfair customers via phone and email in Spanish. Juan’s teammate Ali Conder says that Juan is “one of the most positive people you will ever meet!”

Working for Wayfair for more than five years, Juan Ortiz assists customers and makes a difference on a daily basis. “Assisting a caller who is patiently waiting for their order might not seem like a momentous occasion, but to that caller it may be. A grandmother-to-be, waiting to receive her first grandchild’s crib...that makes a world of a difference, and I have the pleasure of being a part of that,” says Juan.

Juan is a United States Navy veteran and speaks of this experience as an opportunity to travel the world. “I was able to travel to numerous interesting places, one of which was visiting the North Pole twice, in a Submarine, in search of Santa’s complex,” Juan says jokingly.

In addition to traveling, Juan says “I am passionate about family, my community, reading, and most of all, Puerto Rican food. I enjoy coming up with different dishes and testing them with my family at Sunday dinners. I also invite my parish priest because you never know.”

Shane Delaney.png

Shane Delaney

Service Support Consultant

Shane is a Service Support Consultant for Wayfair in Galway, Ireland and “is constantly bringing great energy and enthusiasm to his team,” according to his manager Steve Harkins.

Working in Customer Service means “being able to assess a customer’s individual needs and overcome whatever unique issue they may have, which is both the most challenging and most rewarding part of my job,” says Shane.

In addition to helping Wayfair customers on a daily basis, Shane is an activist for mental health and well-being awareness. Shane is directly involved with Darkness into Light, an organization that encourages the his community to come together for suicide awareness. “Volunteers spend early morning hours walking through Galway until the sun rises, representing that even the darkest moments of our lives give way to light,” according to Shane.

Shane is also a member of the Simon Community, where volunteers and homeless people connect in love, community, and understanding. “Volunteers spend a night outside to raise awareness, donations, and touch base with those in need in the community,” says Shane.

Felicia Griffith.png

Felicia Griffith

Service Support Consultant

Felicia is a Service Support Consultant working virtually in Germany and “always takes every call as if it were the first person she talked to throughout the day, demonstrating the compassion and friendliness of her character,” says her manager Helen O’Brien.

Felicia is originally from the US, Felicia relocated to Germany in 2003 and started with Wayfair earlier this year. “My job goes hand in hand with something I love: being able to help people. With the supportive and friendly work environment, I can reciprocate this to everyone I help in a day,” says Felicia.

Felicia is a jack-of-all-trades and spends a lot of her time outside of work engaged with her different hobbies. “From artwork, to repairing, to programming and writing scripts for websites, I’m someone who is always eager to learn new things,” says Felicia. “Outside of work, much of my time is dedicated to helping my sister with her schoolwork and my mother around the house”.”