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Wayfair Wins Google Cloud Retail Customer Award

Wayfair today announced that it has received a Google Cloud Retail Customer Award. This award was presented at the global digital experience, Google Cloud Next ’21, on October 12.


Wayfair was recognized for the company’s achievements with Google Cloud, having demonstrated innovative thinking, technical excellence and transformation.

Wayfair leveraged the innovative features of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to create a faster, more consistent storefront experience to continue delighting its customers. Wayfair’s more than 3,000 technologists have used GCP to create better infrastructure capacity planning, cost optimization and bursting into the cloud for increased performance, stability and reliability.

Furthermore, Wayfair also took advantage of GCP's cutting-edge analytical offerings and transformed its data and analytics platforms, on top of opening net new opportunities in the areas of machine learning, artificial intelligence and data science.

“We are proud to be honored with this recognition of the fantastic collaborative partnership between GCP and Wayfair's world-class Technology organization,” said Steve Crusenberry, Vice President, Infrastructure and Platform Engineering, Wayfair. “The cutting-edge, strategic technical work being done across the organization at a massive scale is the backbone of our industry-leading customer experience and enables our incredible pace of innovation.”

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