Photo of Wayfair employee

Ankit Mangal

Director, Advanced Analytics & Insights

Ankit has an educational background in Math and Computer Science. Before joining Wayfair, he worked in the Healthcare and Financial Services industries, leveraging data science in risk management, fraud prevention, digital marketing and more. At Wayfair, Ankit leads analytics teams in the Storefront, focusing on delivering a fast, frictionless and anxiety free customer experience on our website. A recent project that Ankit is excited to work on is solutioning how we increase experimentation velocity in Storefront while maintaining rigor with proper tools, guidance and governance. 

March 29, 2022
Every day, Wayfair customers sift through more than 33 million items. Their goal? To find the perfect items to create a home they love. It’s not a grueling and stressful search, and their success isn’t the result of good luck. It’s the byproduct of a technology team committed to enhancing the customer experience through cutting-edge solutions.
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