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Principal Engineer Role

Princpial Engineering

Bernie Miles, Head of Engineering, and Darach Ennis, Principal Engineer, discuss the role of principal engineer at Wayfair as well as the interesting challenges that accompany the position.


00:00 Intros

00:44 Why did Darach join Wayfair?

01:26 How would you describe event processing at Wayfair and why does Wayfair have a particularly interesting event processing challenge?

03:26 How would you describe the role of a principal engineer at Wayfair?

05:12 How much time do you spend coding as a principal engineer? How would you describe the split of work you typically encounter?

06:18 What would you look for if you were hiring a principal engineer for Wayfair?

07:14 What are some of the challenges facing a principle engineer with our current vacancy on the Partnerhome supplier facing website?

10:16 How do you go about effective leadership in a principal engineer role?

12:09 What career advice would you have for a principal engineer?