October 17, 2019
State machines – they’ve been around for a long time in computer science, but are perhaps forgotten in the last few decades, at least in mobile apps. My team at Wayfair chose to revisit state machines and give them a try in our production app. This is how we came upon MvRx and contributed to their open source efforts.
4 Min Read
June 11, 2019
Domain-specific languages (DSLs) – are they worth the hype? In a recent investigation, our Berlin-based Android Team were looking to further optimize Wayfair’s Android app, and were looking around for options. With the inconvenience of creating a UI in XML, and the appeal of a language that focuses on a specific aspect of an application, our team chose to give Anko Layouts a try.
7 Min Read
May 15, 2019
When it comes to mobile platforms, Wayfair has multiple end user focused apps across iOS and Android, with over 100 engineers working on them. As the recently appointed lead of the App Team here at Wayfair, I chose to ask fairly generic yet consistent questions upon my arrival to get the lay of the land. These questions included:
9 Min Read
February 5, 2018
Kotlin… Developers are clamoring for it. Some are calling it the future of Android Development. Others are claiming it lacks the tooling to make it “production” ready. At Wayfair, we decided to give Kotlin a try and come to our own conclusions.
7 Min Read