Wayfair’s Shop Sustainably™ makes it easier to shop all things home, sustainably. Customers can now shop from thousands of home products certified by more than 50 third-party certifications.
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How to Shop

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At Wayfair, our goal is to help customers easily find products that meet their needs. When shopping on Wayfair, you can select the Shop Sustainably™ filter to view products that have been certified for lower environmental impacts, responsible sourcing, improved air quality and more.
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What to Look For

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There are more than 50 third-party sustainability certifications approved as part of Shop Sustainably™. We’ve created unique filter options and product descriptions to ensure you can find what you need across Wayfair and our family of brands.

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We're Just Getting Started
Shop Sustainably is part of Wayfair's commitment to protect our planet and shared home in order to build an environmentally sustainable future for all. Learn more.
Through our work in Corporate Responsibility, we’re addressing how our company impacts both the planet and society.