Community Engagement

Two Wayfairians join forces to raise over $15,000 for Boston-based charities

Jennifer Phillips and Kristin Filippelli never considered themselves “runners,” but when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and gyms closed, they both were in search of ways to keep themselves going. Both are colleagues on the Partner Operations team at Wayfair who partner with Wayfair’s suppliers to provide consumers with the products they love through an exceptional customer experience. When they each found out that they were training for the 2021 Boston Marathon, they joined forces to mobilize their team and amplify their impact.

The Boston Marathon has always been on the bucket list for Jennifer and Kristin but their love for running became amplified through Wayfair's annual steps challenges, a global employee initiative for Wayfair employees and their teams to compete for the most steps to win wellness perks. Their team won the challenge three times in the last few years and it left the two inspired to train for the marathon together.

Jennifer and Kristin with Sumer Kale WF employee 3.jpg

Word spread quickly and before they knew it, more than forty colleagues from their team had mobilized to support them. Through the generous support of their colleagues and leveraging the Wayfair Employee Donation Matching Program, Jennifer and Kristin raised over $15,000 for Spaulding Rehab and Boston Medical Center, two Boston-based charities that have had a personal impact on them.

“I was excited when I heard Kristin was running in support of Spaulding Rehab because my brother actually spent three months there as a patient after a car accident a few years ago. With Spaulding’s support, my brother was able to learn to walk again and return to his normal life.”

Together, Jennifer and Kristin held each other accountable through early morning runs and found training for the marathon as an outlet for thinking through issues or brainstorming creative ways to solve problems they were facing at work. The two worked through challenging problems during their runs and would immediately jump onto their computers when they got home to capture their thoughts and implement ideas.

Jennifer and Kristin 2.jpg

With this year’s run being the first in-person Boston Marathon in almost two years, it was an unforgettable accomplishment for Jennifer and Kristin, especially to see their communities come together to support them and their causes.

“It was such an incredible experience - from the training, to the fundraising, and all the way to crossing the finish line on Boylston St. just steps from Wayfair’s Boston offices. The support we received from everyone around us is something that we will never forget.”

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