From Sketch to Screen and Everything In Between, Wayfair's Creative Team Does It All In-House

From the first idea to that final touch, Wayfair’s creative team makes everything in-house. Our rockstar makers have skills that touch every creative discipline, from concepting ideas, writing and art direction to production, videography, editing, set designing, illustration, 3D imagery, animating, and so much more.

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Wayfair Creative Presents: The House Rules

We asked Bryant Ross, Associate Director of Wayfair’s North American Creative Team, a few questions to help give a sense of what Wayfair’s creative teams are all about.

What's it like to work on Wayfair's in-house creative teams?
“At Wayfair, we throw the traditional creative/client relationship out the window. Instead, our teams are fully immersed in our business and brands as a whole, directly collaborating with cross-functional partners around shared goals. When we take on a challenge – we do it together. We're ambitious in our plans, passionate about our work, thoughtful in our execution, and genuinely enjoy each other's company – which means that we have a lot of fun along the way.”

What kind of work or projects do our in-house creative teams handle?
“You name it, we do it. We create omni-channel campaigns, broadcast and online videos, print catalogs and direct mail, digital advertising, email and social media, physical brand activations, and more. In order to do this (and do them well), we've built a team composed of many different creative disciplines. We have graphic and motion designers, writers and copyeditors, videographers and video editors, illustrators, environmental designers, fabricators, producers, project managers, and so much more.”

What are the most important skills that members of our creative team should possess?
“Certainly all the traditional skills help: strength in your craft, conceptual and critical thinking, communication, and collaboration, are must-haves. Beyond this, what makes you successful is possessing and maintaining a strong curiosity. We ask, ‘what if’ a lot, then we go make it happen.”

What advice would you give to someone interested in joining Wayfair's creative team?
“We have big plans ahead, which means that we are constantly on the lookout for great talent. Our careers site is a good place to start – you can see the roles that we are actively looking for and how that aligns with your skills and interests. Beyond our careers site, I also recommend following our LinkedIn page as it provides ongoing company updates and announcements.”

Interested in making Wayfair your new canvas? With so many ways to be creative, your skills may be just what we need. Head over to our Careers page to see our open roles. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to get a look at life at Wayfair and see what it’s like to be part of our growing team.