Conversations with Wayfair Creatives: Kelly Corcoran

This article is part of our series "Conversations with Creatives," where we connect with the talented individuals of Wayfair’s creative teams to hear their insights and share their perspectives on their roles, their experiences, and what makes Wayfair a destination for creatives of every kind.

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Ritchie White

Kelly joined Wayfair earlier this year within the Creative Operations organization supporting the Physical Retail team, in partnership and collaboration with Merchandising, Visual Merchandising and Brand Creative. Currently, she is the head of packaging design for physical retail, and she’s built a team of packaging experts, making Wayfair a leader in the industry. Kelly brings a variety of experiences to her role including years of working in branding and private brand packaging design.

Can you tell us a little about your role & responsibilities?
I’m the Head of Proprietary Brand Packaging Design and Development for Physical Retail, leading the launch of Wayfair’s Packaging Center of Excellence and building a team of packaging designers and partners. I’m also responsible for leveraging the diversity of thought and experiences, creativity, and customer insight in support of our omni-channel brand, retail, product and customer strategies.

What brought you to Wayfair and what has kept you here?
With 25+ years in branding and private brand packaging design across multiple large retailers and business sectors – I was drawn to this very unique opportunity to support Wayfair’s growth plans in physical retail.

Being at the forefront of this once-in-a-lifetime initiative and opportunity to collaborate with other retail and ecommerce experts to create an exceptional physical retail experience for our customers was and is incredibly exciting.

What does "Possibility" mean to you at Wayfair?
‘Possibility’ means I have greater personal and professional growth than ever before. Having worked in bricks and mortar retail for the bulk of my career, coming to an e-commerce company I have a lot to learn about this side of the business. I can honestly say learning and development as you build your partnerships and settle into your role is fully supported by everyone around you.

Why do you think Wayfair is a great destination for Creatives?
Design and Imagery as a whole is clearly a distinct competitive advantage for Wayfair and with that design, in any medium, is highly valued and utilized to create unique and differentiated assets that our customers engage with every day.

Our creative teams are recruited from top schools and companies and once here are fully supported with best in class tools, processes, innovations and opportunities to grow.

What has the leadership been like in your experience at Wayfair?
Leadership at all levels are incredible - some of the most intelligent, experienced and supportive people I’ve encountered in my career.

What is the most exciting initiative you have led / been a part of while at Wayfair?
Collaborating with the greater Physical Retail team to support the opening of our first All Modern store this past May. That stood out to me the most.

How are you staying connected to your team while working on a hybrid schedule?
While I’ve worked hybrid with creative teams in my past life and at Wayfair, I’ve seen three outcomes over the last few years. The creative solutions are much better and more strategic, productivity has increased significantly, and personal connections are much closer. Hybrid takes discipline – not only in the work aspects, but in taking time to purposefully and thoughtfully connect with people often, taking time to ask questions and taking time to share real life at home.

What is your favorite thing to do in Boston?
Trying different restaurants throughout the city with my fellow team members and friends.

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