A Creative Finds Her Home at Wayfair

This article is part of our series “Conversations With Creatives,” where we connect with the talented individuals of Wayfair’s Creative teams to hear their insights. They share their perspectives on their roles, their experiences, and what makes Wayfair a destination for creatives of every kind.


Rachel Brooks leads the Wayfair Professional and Wayfair Supplier Creative teams. She’s a strategic thinker who helps brands connect with consumers in meaningful ways with breakthrough ideas. Prior to Wayfair, Rachel worked at as associate creative director of Brand. There she scaled a Creative team and transformed the brand from a transactional marketplace to a human-centric meeting place. Previously, Rachel worked in several ad agencies on numerous award-winning campaigns.

What brought you to Wayfair? What’s kept you here?

“One of my artistic side pursuits has always been home design. I really love the way a well-designed space can make you feel, so Wayfair was a natural fit. I’ve stayed at Wayfair because I still wake up every day excited to go to work. I’m continually amazed by the talent and dedication of the people I work with. I’ve found many kindred creative spirits who share my passion for home goods, design, and connecting with consumers. I also enjoy solving tough challenges and being able to laugh with the people I work with. At Wayfair, there is never a dull moment.”

Why should creatives work at Wayfair?

The Creative team at Wayfair is a large group of multidisciplinary folks who are talented, driven, and most importantly, kind. This creates a great culture of collaboration and learning. Wayfair is a place that invests in its people, so there are often new opportunities for those looking to grow.”

What are you most proud of accomplishing at Wayfair?

“Last year I started a series called Chat With Charity, where we bring in external speakers to educate and inspire the teams. To thank the speakers for their time, we make a donation on their behalf to a charity of their choice. It’s been amazing to hear outside perspectives and even more amazing to give back at the same time!”

How would you describe your experience at Wayfair?

“Wayfair is filled with smart, passionate leaders. I also have found that Wayfair empowers people throughout the ranks. Leadership sets strategy, then the team makes things happen. I’ve also been so impressed with the passion and focus on DEI initiatives. We have an internal program called Change Starts at Home that is a series of conversations focused on dimensions of diversity, intersectionality, inclusion, and sense of belonging. It’s been wonderful to engage in these kinds of conversation at work.”

What are the benefits of working in-house?

“I started my career in agencies, and I had some hesitation going in-house. I worried the creative culture would be lacking and there wouldn’t be enough emphasis placed on strong creative work. I’ll be the first to admit I was totally wrong. The Wayfair Creative team has an amazing culture and definitely values strong work. I also love breaking down the client barrier. In-house, you work with your partners and you are just as invested in the work as they are.”

What’s something new you or your team picked up working remotely that you plan to continue post-pandemic? 

“This past year has been isolating for many folks, so I knew making virtual team bonding events a priority was vital. So not only did we have many, but we also got creative with them. Cross-stitching and Drag Bingo were two of the top hits. It will be nice to be in person again soon and just grab food or drinks, but I think working these more interactive events into the mix will continue to bring us together. “

What does Boston have to offer?

“I moved to Boston about 12 years ago for another job, and have stayed since. I love the culture, with world-class museums and events. As a self-proclaimed foodie, the restaurant scene is really strong here – there are always new places to try. It’s also great how family-friendly it is here. I live in Roslindale with my husband and young daughters. It’s a lovely neighborhood and just a quick jog into the office. There are so many amazing places within driving distance, from skiing in Vermont to beaches in Rhode Island. New England is a treat. I actually went whitewater rafting in Maine last weekend!”

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