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What my Nephew Taught me About my Career as a Technologist

Fiona at Lesbians Who Tech
Roxanne Reinebach, SF 2022 Summit, Day 2, San Francisco 2022, 10/13, October 13, Thursday
Roxanne Reinebach

Last October, at the Lesbians Who Tech in San Francisco, I had the opportunity to speak to a packed house about navigating a career in technology. Whether you’re an aspiring technologist or a seasoned veteran, career navigation is essential in this sector, where unprecedented evolutions and disruptive shifts in innovation require us to plot our course carefully. This is especially the case in the areas of software and algorithms.

As you can probably tell by the session title, “ What my Nephew Taught me About my Career as a Technologist,” the inspiration for this session was my nephew, who was fresh out of college and weighing several job opportunities. Wanting to take the right first career step, I walked him through my own journey. This not only helped him formulate a plan, it prompted a deeper reflection on my own journey, the steps I’ve taken, and the lessons I have learned that could help others take control of their careers. You can check out the full session here.

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Wayfair CTO Fiona Tan Speaks at Lesbians Who Tech 2022