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A Look Back at the Women of Silicon Valley

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Fiona Tan at Women of Silicon Valley 2022

One of the industry events I look forward to most every year is the Women of Silicon Valley. Whether you are at the apex of your career, at the beginning, or somewhere in between, this is a great event for any woman in technology.

2022 was no exception. Seasoned professionals from companies such as VMware, ServiceNow, Sephora, Accenture, Roku, Meta, 23andMe, Uber, and many more shared their views on the current state of women in technology. These speakers also provided advice to help guide aspiring technologists and ultimately further erode the gender disparity that exists today.

All these sessions were fantastic, and in between speakers, I got to film a quick interview and touch on some of these hot-button topics in more detail. The full video is above, but I will give you the cliff notes version here.

As you’ve heard me say before, I applaud any woman who has decided to pursue a career in technology, and it’s satisfying to see the progress we have made. But significant barriers remain, and everyone needs to keep their foot on the gas. One of these challenges is prevailing gender stereotypes, and honestly, I find that sometimes, we ourselves, may also be susceptible to preconceived beliefs about what women are capable of doing in technology.

To continue smashing these enduring barriers, women must be resilient. We hear this word a lot and with good reason. Regardless of where you are on your technology journey, you will encounter setbacks. That means finding strength in yourself, getting strength from others, asking for help, learning from the setbacks, and then going right back into the fray again.

The technology field is a marathon, and along the way, there will be many opportunities for continued advancement. Embrace those opportunities and adopt a “lifelong learner attitude.” Take the time to go deep in honing your craft as a technologist, but also look for opportunities to learn the commercial and operational aspects of the business, and last but not least, be your authentic self, always.

A big thank you to all the Wayfairians who were part of the Women in Silicon valley event. You not only got the opportunity to learn from the best, you also educated others at the event about Wayfair, our technologies, and what it’s like to be part of our team.

Thank you all, and see you in Silicon Valley in 2023.