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Announcing BoSRE: Wayfair’s Inaugural Site Reliability Engineering Conference


Ever since Google pioneered the concept of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), we’ve seen product reliability, accountability, and assorted innovation in this space skyrocket in importance and scope. At Wayfair, we’ve been working hard to evangelize contemporary solutions to tricky scalability scenarios, investing thoughtfully in cloud enablement and containerization.

With a growing team dedicated to this capacity, as well as fostering relationships via embedded partnerships, we’ve pulled together our learnings to bring together the most authoritative minds in SRE today. We’re announcing the first ever BoSRE – New England’s own SRE conference.

The line-up for this fall’s event will be covering site reliability, cloud enablement, and production-grade container orchestration. We’re particularly excited to ensure the event echoes our diverse values and principles, on top of realizing our mission to share knowledge and connect new and seasoned engineers in the industry.

Liz Fong-Jones will be taking us through how her team at Google Cloud Platform relieves technical debt; Todd Palino has booked time to help us explore event correlation at LinkedIn; Myles Steinhauser shall share the journey toward cloud implementation that Bose has recently undertaken. All of this and more, coupled with Wayfair’s co-founder, Steve Conine, is planned for our single track event that’ll help you share insights, expertise, and the challenges of site reliability.

Threat Stack and Splunk have partnered up with us to ensure we’re putting together a best-in-class event, which will be hosted at our Boston, MA headquarters. Tickets, which are free, are available via Eventbrite and the day’s full schedule can be accessed at bostonsre.com.

We’re incredibly excited to be contributing to the thriving and growing SRE community in New England and beyond. Be sure to watch this space and our @WayfairTech Twitter account for highlights and recaps of the sessions. We’re committed to building an experience that is open, diverse, and welcoming to technologists who are either new to SRE or consider themselves veterans in the industry. See you there!