Major Style Trends for Holiday 2022

2022 is going to be our year! Yes, we all said that in 2020 and 2021 as well, but there is much to look forward to this year–including holidays that feel somewhat normal again. Consumers are seeking great deals to get ready to celebrate the holidays in a big way, in part to make up for the less festive and skipped holiday celebrations of the last couple years.

Holiday vignette with colorful faux silver tinsel tree, garlands on stairwell and mirror, and giant paper ornaments strewn across floor.

Wayfair Inc.’s resident style advisor, Dee Fontenot, says, “people are turning the page and preparing big holiday gatherings to mark what we all hope is the start of a healthier, happier chapter ahead." Coming out of the pandemic, a lot of people have consumed inspirational content for home with unprecedented enthusiasm and vigor, scrolling, browsing, and pinning with abandon! That means they’re approaching the holidays with lots of ideas for creating really special moments with friends and family they haven’t been able to celebrate with for years. To help with the Christmas concepting for those who celebrate, Fontenot outlines four key style trends consumers are embracing this season, along with a few tips on how to make a big style impact:


Airy farmhouse with green velvet sofa, wood burning stove, green christmas tree, and natural garlands are main focal points. Gifts strewn on off-white rug.

This style is a festive feast for the senses. Fragrant foliage and lush greens are the hallmarks, while textural woods, aged metals and natural candlelight add warmth.

The vibe here is about authenticity: even when decorating with faux greenery, the look feels organic and wild, as if it’s been plucked from the outdoors. Natural elements like dried fruit, burlap and linen add texture.

Fresh cuts are always going to look and smell great, but if that’s not an option, there are beautiful faux greenery that can achieve the look and be repurposed for holidays for years to come. Here are some of our favorites decor items drawing from this aesthetic:

Snowy Sheffield Lighted Wreath
208 Light Lighted Trees & Branches
7' 5'' H Green Spruce Christmas Tree

Crafting Charm

View of tabletop setting with dainty polka dot dishes, gold-toned silverware, with ornaments, votive, and greenery sprigs dressing up setting.

This style ladders up to “cottagecore”, a macro trend for interiors that’s been prevalent in the last year and shows no signs of slowing. Handmade or handmade-looking elements feel nostalgic, and appeal to a sense of comforting familiarity.

This style often emphasizes vintage flair, and encourages reusing and passing down holiday decorations, like ornaments and tablecloths, through families. In addition to purchasing handmade product, you can create your own crafty decor with a mix of decorative elements like ribbons, twine and botanicals. To keep the craft and nix the process of DIY, here are a few of our top crafty finds from Wayfair!

Handmade Peace 14" 100% Sustainable Wool Wreath
Kamelaw Stocking
The Holiday Aisle® Large Gold Leaf Garland

Forever Classics

Closeup of gingerbread cookies on a plate next to a vintage-style mug of hot chocolate on a wooden cutting board. Styled with pinecone and red ornaments as accents.

For some, getting into the holiday spirit is all about tradition and ritual. When it comes to holiday celebrations, the traditionalists are craving comfort and familiarity more than ever. This style stays true to holiday norms with classic holiday colors at the forefront. Icons like the evergreen tree, decorative holly and berries, and of course Santa Claus, are ever-present.

Particularly coming off a few years that have felt anything but normal or comfortable for many, a return to the familiar will wrap your guests and family in a warm, nostalgic hug. Break out your collection of tried and true holiday decor and look at what you have holistically to identify a few items that could use a bit of a spruce-up and any holes in your holiday decor scheme. Here are some fun additions we think could help round out any classic holiday display this year:

Snowy Sheffield Lighted Wreath
North Valley Blue Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree with Clear/White Lights
9' Decorative Retro Pre-Lit Garland with 50 Clear/White Lights
9' Frosted Arctic Pre-Lit Garland with 50 Clear/White Lights
7' Dunhill Fir Green Artificial Christmas Tree with Clear/White Lights

Glitz & Glam

Bedroom with black fireplace, light blue floors, decorated with giant disco ball, ornaments and green garland over mantle, and tapered candles. Gold bar cart with gold stocking sit beneath bold, eclectic artwork.

This style takes icons like the evergreen tree, candlesticks and menorahs and reimagines them as glamorous, elevated accents. It’s all about the sparkle and shine here.

Non-traditional colors are a hallmark of this style, like rich jewel tones or all-in on gold and silver. Saturating a space with an all-over look is key to creating an impactful style statement.

Dark green ceramic dinnerware set with gold rim detail

Integrating metallics, reflective, and dark surfaces help to balance out splashes of bold color. The elements are sleek and streamlined and paired with warmer, textural accents like plush velvets. Use antiques as inspiration for the base of this direction, with decorative staples that are opulent and ornate, and can be displayed during the entire Holiday season. Complement these by offering smaller, Holiday-specific accessories that can be swapped in and out throughout Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's and more. Gilded decor, taper candles and lush florals are safe bets throughout the season. This trend has gathered steam for years, but with a renewed optimism and hunger for ways to convey “out with the old and in with the new,” forward-looking and over-the-top glitz and glitter feel right. Customers craving bold color and excitement should consider elements like these:

Teitelbaum 16 Piece Dinnerware Set, Service for 4
6' Garland
Hemmer Abstract Tufted Wool Area Rug in Aqua
Hyatt Round Velvet Pillow Cover and Insert ​​
​​Port Morris Accent Mirror

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