Karina Lin

February 12, 2021
Excitement buzzed in the virtual air -- after multiple years of work, we were finally going live! As we ramped up our feature toggle, we were met with words no engineer wants to hear: “Your service isn’t performing fast enough. We need you to toggle off.”
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August 3, 2018
This summer, Wayfair hosted its first ever Community Coding Day. Through a partnership with three summer camp programs serving communities in the Greater Boston area, we welcomed 120 middle school students into our offices and led them through a day of engaging computer science activities. Our goal for the day was to inspire students from underrepresented groups to get involved in STEM, software engineering in particular, as well as provide a direct experience of being welcomed in our field. It also gave our participating employees and interns an opportunity to give back to the larger Boston community in a meaningful way, addressing the discrepancies that we see in the tech industry.
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