Last year, we shared our initial vision in our first DEI Report. This year's report continues to build upon that work, providing a snapshot of where we are on our journey and celebrating the breakthroughs that we have unlocked along the way. This is all done with a commitment to transparency and accountability, which means that we’ll also share where we have room to grow.
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Building an Inclusive Community at Wayfair

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Supporting our teammates has always been central to our work.

Our appreciation for each employee and the type of culture we are building to support them has become an even greater priority in recent years. So, we doubled down on our commitment. We worked to find the right talent to drive our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). We explored internal data to provide insights to guide us. We refined the definitions of diversity, equity, and inclusion to provide a solid understanding of what they mean at Wayfair.

The goal of our work to elevate diversity, equity, and inclusion is to create a sense of belonging and an environment where all people can choose to be who they are — no exceptions and no apologies. We do this work on behalf of all Wayfairians who we want to feel welcome and able to bring their full selves to work.

Our Focus Areas

We have grouped our action, and this report, into four distinct areas:

Leadership Commitment
Awareness & Education
Employee Resource Groups & Affinity Groups
Building our Infrastructure
Wayfair will continue to invest in diverse talent, foster a culture of learning across all levels of the organization, and hold our leadership accountable.
Niraj Shah | Co-Founder, Co-Chairman & CEO

Embedding DEI at Wayfair

To create a system that works for everyone, we must weave inclusion considerations into every aspect of our organization — across all teams, levels, and geographies. From the Board of Directors to front-line Wayfairians, we want everyone to:

• Appreciate how our DEI commitment makes our business better
• Learn how to apply a DEI lens in their day-to-day work
• Continue taking action to increase workforce diversity by amplifying workplace inclusion

Want to Join the Team Reinventing Home?

Our Workplace Our doors are open to anyone looking to grow their career, solve hard problems, and work together as we change the way people shop for home.

Who Makes Up Our Community?

Our People Analytics team analyzes quantitative and qualitative data by considering intersectionality as well as specific dimensions of diversity (e.g., gender identity, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, disability) to better understand the experiences of Wayfairians.

We are working to build a truly equitable workplace where data helps us neutralize bias and ensure equitable people processes in recruiting, performance reviews, compensation, career development, and engaging employees. At the end of the day our goal is to find, develop, and retain the best team, and the best team is a diverse team that feels included, empowered, and valued.

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