20 Wildest Wayfair Pieces You Never Knew You Needed

It’s hard to imagine a time that pre-dated e-commerce. Before today’s era of instant gratification, you couldn’t just browse endless options online and get any product you wanted sent to your doorstep. Then came the ‘90s tech boom when young entrepreneurs Niraj Shah and Steve Conine launched Wayfair to make shopping online for home goods so much easier. Now, twenty years later, Wayfair has grown into the destination for all things home where you can find anything and everything you need to make home your own.

And when we say Wayfair has all things home–we really mean all things, from couches, to grills, vanities, or even life-sized garden gnomes. To celebrate just how far we’ve come in building out offerings for every shopper and every home, here are twenty of the wildest Wayfair items we bet you never knew you needed. Make some room for these fun finds!

Grey rocket ship shaped cat tree with a cat peeking out the left side.

A Rocketship Kitty Dwelling

This cat dwelling is taking top spot on any space and cat lover’s wishlist. Forget consumer space travel, this abode brings all the wonder and other-worldly fun right into your living room for you and your feline(s) to enjoy without having to leave home, much less, this planet!

Check out the 54" Bernoussi Cat Tree or Condo.
Black antique-style payphone.

Vintage Pay Phone

If you’re feeling nostalgic like Wayfair is, reflecting on our 20 years in business, this phone can double as a time machine of sorts. Wouldn’t it be fun to go back to a time when you weren’t always reachable and actually had to seek out a pay phone to get in touch while on the go? What a concept!

Check out the Vintage Pay Phone.
Inverted T-shaped artificial Christmas tree.

The Christmas Tree Turning Tradition on its Head

If you’re ready to break away from same-old-same-old Christmas traditions and lean into the unexpected, this unconventional tree is for you. This might also be just the tree for those hoping to keep ornaments out of reach of curious pets and kids!

Check out the 7.5' Green Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree with 650 Clear/White Lights.
Two dogs laying on a miniature brown leather couch.

A Handsome Leather Couch for Your Best Pal

Our furriest family members deserve nothing but the best! This dog bed can blend into any room in the house while offering a cool and comfy spot for your most loyal companions. The timeless tufted leather style works just as well in a traditional living room as it does in a laid-back man-cave, meaning you might find yourself moving this beloved piece from room to room so your best pal can stay right by your side.

Check out the Humphery Dog Sofa.
Cinderella-carriage style bedframe.

A Fairytale Ending to Each Day

A whimsical carriage bed speaks to the romantic in each of us hoping to be transported in our sleep to faraway lands. Just be sure to get to bed before the clock strikes twelve, or it’s to the pumpkin patch for you.

Check out the Eastep Canopy Bed by Viv + Rae™.
Woman sitting in grey self-contained portable sauna.

A Solo Sauna For the Multitasker

Sometimes you just need a moment to yourself and a spa retreat is not going to fit into your packed schedule. That’s when you can be thankful you have a solo sauna on standby. The freedom to move your hands around is a nice touch, as multi-tasking is sometimes just a must–even when relaxing.

Check out the Ancheer Single Person Portable Traditional Steam Sauna with Remote Control.
Large blue and red bouncy water play feature.

The Ultimate Obstacle Course

Who can be bored with this climbing wall and water slide obstacle course combo? This is a dream play item for those hoping to keep the kids–and the young at heart–entertained for hours this summer.

Check out the 13' x 13' Inflatable Water Slide with Air Blower.
A white and fluffy lamp in the shape of a cloud hangs on a single string; a man leans forward to inspect it.

A Light and Airy Fixture

Are you told you’ve got your head in the clouds? We say, embrace it and just go ahead and make clouds part of your aesthetic! Part sculpture, part lamp, this piece is bound to start many a conversation. It ups the whimsy factor in any room it’s in, certainly, but with a neutral palette and tactile materiality, it can float in even the most sophisticated settings.

Check out the Kamrada 1 - Light Unique Geometric Pendant.
Person in white shirt holding a very large white ceramic coffee cup.

The Biggest Cup ‘O Joe

If you have a hard time getting the day started and tire of going back for many cups of coffee, this 11” diameter mug could be the morning companion you’ve been looking for. Keeping all that coffee hot may be a challenge, but as any busy person knows, caffeine is caffeine and in this case, more is more–no matter the temperature.

Check out the Gigantic Coffee Mug by Allures and Illusions.
Large Leather bed with Lounge chair and various gadgets attached to it.

The 24/7, All-in-One-Bed

Getting out of bed doesn’t ever have to be on the agenda if this is your sleep haven. Imagine a whole Sunday spent rolling from chaise, to bed, to bench. And check out all that storage! This item serves up a new take on the multi-purpose furniture that can meet the moment of our “new normal” where work, life, day, and night all start to blend together.

Check out the Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Italian Leather Bed Tufted Low Profile Platform Bed.
Child in blue dress standing next to child-size ceramic garden gnome.

A Life-Sized Garden Gnome

A garden gnome, but make it big–like, the size-of-a-child-big! Nothing says charming, whimsical garden like a cluster of gnomes artfully hidden for a visitor to stumble upon. However, if instant impact is what you’re after, this giant gnome statue ups the surprise and delight factor a few notches.

Check out the Garden Gnomes Gottfried, the Gigantic Statue.
Woman in a black swimsuit lounging on a pizza-shaped pool float.

A Not-So-Little Slice of Heaven in Your Own Backyard

Pizza party and pool party combine when you’ve got this fun float! With some careful configuration, there might even be room for two. If not, why not pick up a few more slices to round out a whole pie? The photo opps just create themselves with this one.

Check out the Giant Inflatable Pizza Slice Float Raft.

A Mat Worth Every Dollar

Put your money where your feet are–or something like that. There are few things more comforting than knowing you’ve got this high-pile hundred-dollar-bill mat supporting you. Only slightly more comforting might be a thick stack of actual Benjamins underfoot, but that’s not for sale on Wayfair.

Check out the 100 Dollar Bill Design White Area Rug.
Chair shaped like a skeleton in a black robe holding two skulls.

A Seriously Spooky Chair

This unique piece is just asking for selfies to be taken in it! A chair of this kind may not speak to most people’s aesthetics, but if what you’re after is a hauntingly memorable statement piece, this seat is bound to make an impression that won’t soon be forgotten. Guests might be seeing this chair in their dreams for weeks!

Check out the 37'' Wide Armchair.
Mahogany wooden door disguised as a bookcase.

A Secret Door to Who Knows Where

Where would you put a hidden door and who would you tell about its existence? It’s fun to think about having a space all your own that no one else knows about. If you do want to let a few people in on your secret, consider embarking on a Scooby Doo-type adventure, pulling on sconces and tapping on fireplace mantels to find a hidden passage.

Check out the Alder Wood Hidden Door.
Silver, shovel-shaped small spoons on a plate with strawberries.

A Spoon For Digging In

For those times when you’re ready to do some serious eating, the shovel spoon can come in handy. It may be small, but this humble spoon shovels dip as well as the best of ‘em and it may just inspire a few conversations between guests at your next party.

Check out the Ammelie Stainless Steel Shovel Spoon.
Baseball-glove shaped leather chair with baseball shaped ottoman.

The Baseball Fan’s New Favorite Chair

Baseball has a way of conjuring excitement and nostalgia for people of all ages and backgrounds around the world. You can imagine the smile this novelty chair and ottoman would put on a young ball player’s face when unwrapped from its box. Don’t be surprised to find grown-up fans trying to squeeze into this glove as well.

Check out the Abril Baseball Glove Kids Novelty Chair and Ottoman.
Two children running on a rubber inflatable human hamster wheel.

A Hamster Wheel for Humans

We often talk about being on a hamster wheel as a negative thing–running and running without getting very far–but when the metaphor is actually made real in the form of a colorful inflatable, this is something you’re sure to get onboard with (and happily stay on)!

Check out the Land Roller Inflatables.
Large green velvet round couch.

An Infinity Couch That Seats 12

Got a big family or lots and lots of friends? This modular “Infinity Sectional” seats a dozen of your favorite people. The round shape is definitely conducive to inclusive conversation. And, if you place a round table in the middle, you’ll have a banquette dining setup without rival–just be ready for some scooching to get up for seconds!

Check out the Infinity 183" Wide Velvet Symmetrical Modular Corner Sectional.

Garden Dinos for Your Own Jurassic Park

While not quite life-sized, these dino sculptures are designed to-scale and can liven up any backyard. They’re bound to make your outdoor environments unique, channeling everyone’s favorite ‘90s dino movie franchise. Unlike in the movies, however, these dinos do not come to life. Note: dinosaurs have never been for sale on Wayfair. Though it may be hard to imagine a time when Wayfair didn’t exist, we have been around for twenty years, not 65 million!

Check out the Scaled Jurassic Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Statue.

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