Meet the Maker: Sukie's Candle Co.

This article is a part of our Celebrate Black Makers content series designed to spotlight the stories and perspectives that our Black-owned supplier partners bring to the home industry.

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What started as a self care hobby quickly evolved into a flourishing business for Sukie Jefferson. Sukie founded Sukie’s Candles Co. in 2016 after discovering her passion for candle making and the potential it had to become much more than just a channel for creative expression.

Sukie Jefferson was inspired to launch her own candle company after feeling connected to the idea of making something with her own hands. “The most beautiful thing about my business is the fact that the aesthetic, the plan, the idea - all of this came to me in the middle of a meditation,” shared Sukie. “I was doing an extensive self-care practice and in one of my early morning yoga practices, I got this message that told me to just start making things with my hands.”

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From there, Sukie experimented with various DIY projects - from making her own facial cleansers, deodorants, toothpaste, and even exploring homemade body scrubs and oils. With a kitchen full of DIY jars with dates and a plethora of ingredients, she decided to take on the challenge of candle making after being drawn to its more scientific process. To her surprise, the first batch exceeded her expectations.

With her family and friends’ positive support, Sukie began selling her candles globally in 2018 and her business has continued to grow since. Her most popular candle, the Seattle Fir, was inspired by her hometown and where she spent a lot of time growing the company. Now, based in Atlanta, Sukie has evolved her business to focus on making sustainable candles inspired by various aromas that she discovered throughout her global travels.

Sukie shared, “I spent a handful of years throughout and after college traveling through different parts of the Caribbean, Brazil and Africa. While I spent time living in Tanzania, I realized that what you experience leaving the U.S. is this wide variety of flavors, aromas and smells that are so new to your senses that your body hasn’t really encountered yet.”

She brought that inspiration home and channeled it through her business to create scents like Nag Champa, an Indian scent inspired by the aroma of incense. Today, Sukie Candle Co.’s expansive and globally-inspired collection features over 21 hand-poured candles.

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