Meet the Maker: Rayo & Honey

This article is a part of our Celebrate Black Makers content series designed to spotlight the stories and perspectives that our Black-owned supplier partners bring to the home industry.

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Credit: Tamera Darden / KIN Productions

Almost seven years ago, Roachele Negron noticed that the Black affirmations she grew up with were not as widespread as she thought. She set out on a mission to translate her personal resonance with Black brilliance and Black resilience through a modern form of art and communication. This led Roachele to start her own business, Rayo & Honey, where she crafts goods with positive intent; transforming quotes and affirmations from pop culture and literature into hangable and wearable works of art.

Since founding Rayo & Honey in 2015 - her business has skyrocketed. Roachele and her team have created more than 60 different pennants to-date, inspired by Black writers and luminaries such as Toni Morrison and Zora Neale Hurston. She’s also had the opportunity to collaborate with a number of notable celebrities. In 2020, Rayo & Honey was featured in Oprah’s Favorite Things list where she collaborated with Oprah to create five tote bags featuring a selection of quotes from Maya Angelou. Roachele’s work was also featured in Beyonce’s Black Parade, a catalog created by Beyoncé featuring Black-owned businesses across industries such as beauty, fashion, restaurants, and home goods.

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Credit: Tamera Darden / KIN Productions

“There is a huge community of Black artists and makers, both big and small, who should have a wider audience and should be introduced on a much bigger playing field,” shared Roachele. “It's exciting to see the home goods industry prioritize that and to partner with brands like Wayfair that are working to uplift new and diverse voices in the space.”

As a small business, Roachele has had to navigate a number of business challenges when it comes to access to resources and sourcing materials for her work. “My advice to other small businesses would be to avoid putting all of your eggs in one basket and to not be afraid to reach out and connect with your customers,” Roachele shared. She noted that reaching out to people, whether it’s on Instagram, TikTok, or even a website, has made an impact on her business success and has allowed her to better connect with who her customers are and what they’re excited about. Most importantly, Roachelle believes in having the mindset “to love what you’re selling,” and she’s excited to partner with Wayfair to continue growing her business and inspiring many others with feel-good words.

Shop Roachele Negron’s Rayo + Honey home decor and inspiration here and learn more about Wayfair’s commitment to supplier diversity here.