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Spc. Monthervil Settles Down in a New Adaptable Home

HFOT Monthervil

Army Specialist Michael Monthervil always dreamed of joining the Army and enlisted when he was a sophomore in college. He quickly became attached to the 10th Mountain Division and joined the Special Forces. In 2014, while Michael was stationed in Afghanistan, he sustained a neck and spinal cord injury while completing a training exercise, and no longer has use of his legs.

Since Michael’s injuries were sustained, he and his wife Ashley have had to overcome numerous challenges as Michael readapted to everyday life. From needing help reaching a top shelf, to getting into bed, to working on his physical therapy, the lack of accessible features in their old home added time and frustration to Michael’s life on a daily basis. With the support from his loved ones and his former army colleagues, Michael’s recovery was steady and he is now working to rebuild his life and - as a pivotal part of that - his home. In addition to investing in his rehabilitation, Michael enjoys painting, and playing adaptive rugby, which is one of the only wheelchair sports that uses full contact. Rugby has been an encouraging outlet for Michael’s growth and recovery where he can play a competitive sport alongside other veterans on the Tampa Generals.

Monthervil 1

Wayfair has supported Homes For Our Troops, who constructed Michael’s new custom adapted home, by furnishing it with accessible and adaptable products that will support the Monthervil’s through this new chapter of life. To Michael, independence and comfort are the first steps to recovery and growth; both physically and mentally.

“Homes For Our Troops is an organization that is changing lives,” shared Michael. When he received the call that Wayfair would be furnishing his newly-built home by Homes For Our Troops, he knew this change would transform his recovery and growth. “I then started working harder during my physical therapy and became much happier when I knew I would have the opportunity to be more independent,” Michael shared.

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Home is a place where not only family gathers, but a place where one can be surrounded by comfort and relaxation. In their new home, the Monthervil’s have a finished garage dedicated to Michael’s physical therapy, training, and painting. With Michael seeking more independence, the products for his home were selected with both accessible features and style in mind - meeting the modern aesthetic the Monthervil’s were looking for. Some of these features include a lift top coffee table, an extendable dining table, and a low-profile platform bed which allows Michael to work on his daily tasks without needing extra assistance.

Since moving into their new home, the Monthervil’s have been excited to look ahead to their future goals. “Working together as a couple, growing a family, and just rebuilding our lives together,” were some of the hopes that Michael shared for this upcoming year. After settling in, Michael and Ashley hope to start a family soon and have become inspired to start their very own general construction business after they receive their degrees in Engineering and Business Administration.

Since 2018, Wayfair has partnered with Homes For Our Troops to support post-9/11 veterans to rebuild their lives. Click here to learn more about our partnership with Homes For Our Troops and join us in supporting their work by donating at check out.