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A New Home, a New Start for Army SGT Korona and Family

Since 2018, Wayfair has been a proud partner to Homes For Our Troops, and recently, we had the opportunity to furnish our fifth home with the organization for Army SGT Brandon Korona and his family.

This new specially-adapted home is built to be accessible, complete with all-new furniture and decor that will allow Brandon and his family to live comfortably and focus on the things that matter most.

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A New Start, A New Home For Army SGT Korona And Family

“At Wayfair, we know that every veteran's experience is unique,” said Todd Bowers, Wayfair’s head of Corporate Social Impact, “and for those dealing with post combat injuries, accessibility is key to making a house truly feel like home.”

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Each of the furnishings in the Korona family’s new home were carefully chosen to ensure that Brandon could live comfortably and confidently. The lift top coffee table in the living room, extendable dining table in the dining room and low pile rugs throughout the home will give Brandon the ease and flexibility needed to enjoy quality time with his wife, Chelsea, and their son.

The bedrooms are designed to help Brandon best care for himself and his family; the nursery is equipped with a power glider and lower height changing table, plus a chair in each room, like the one in the main bedroom, which allows Brandon to easily put on his prosthetic when he’s not in his wheelchair. The other spaces of the home will help Brandon feel ready to tackle everyday life - from the office’s L-shaped desk and ergonomic chair to the beautiful outdoor lounging area the family will enjoy for many years to come.

“Quality of life is definitely a part of this,” says Army SGT Korona. “But now, nothing can really stop anything that I want to matter how I need to live, it’s going to allow me to do so.”

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Getting this new home ready was a group effort, with volunteers from Wayfair, Homes For Our Troops, the local community and other organizations coming together to put the final touches on the house and instill it with a true feeling of home.

“As a fellow veteran,” continued Bowers, “I was personally honored to get to know Sgt. Korona and his family throughout this process, and we at Wayfair are proud to have had the opportunity to provide furnishings that will meet their needs during this transition and in the years to come.”

Watch the video above to learn more about Army SGT Brandon Korona, his story, and the new home that’s making all the difference. Join us on future projects with Homes For Our Troops and consider donating to the cause.

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