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Wayfair Wins Five Gold MUSE Awards


We are proud to announce that Wayfair has won five Gold MUSE Creative Awards for our activation at BravoCon last November! The MUSE Creative Awards is an international advertising awards platform, celebrating excellence and innovation in the realms of creative design, advertising and digital media. Bringing together artists, designers and creative professionals from around the world, the award honors the extraordinary craft that shapes compelling narratives and leaves a lasting impact on audiences.


BravoCon is a fan convention where over 40,000 Bravoholics and Bravolebs come together to celebrate their fandom. The three-day weekend is filled with Bravolebrity photo opps, live panels discussing the latest in Bravo-universe, and interactive exhibits. This year Wayfair has won awards in: Social Media - Celebrity & Influencer, Social Media - Brand Partnerships, Branded Content - Social, Integrated Marketing - Brand Partnerships and Integrated Marketing Campaign.

Our creative teams brought a taste of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, New York, Salt Lake City and Miami with four unique lounge spaces, welcoming fans to indulge in the spaces as they would at home - an activation called “Your Home for Housewives, by Wayfair”. Each space offered location-appropriate furnishings: Salt Lake City filled with wood, New York City with gold and opulence and Miami with sunset hues and palm trees. These scenes offered Instagram-worthy photo opps, giveaways and appearances by fan-favorite Housewives representing each of the four franchises. Our team produced 18 unique social posts covering the branded experiences, ensuring fans both on the ground at BravoCon and at home could celebrate with us.


As our CMO Paul Toms shared with Modern Retail, “We’re empowering everyone to bring their own unique expression of home to life, from the perfect couch and throw to watch their favorite show to the wine glasses and cheese board for talking about it with friends. Through partnerships like BravoCon, we’re tapping into the energy of fans in a highly expressive moment, and we are excited to power their fandom through spaces and interactions designed by Wayfair, all shoppable for their own homes.”

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