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The Supply Chain Takes Center Stage at FORTUNE Brainstorm A.I. 2022

Wayfair CTO Fiona Tan at FORTUNE Brainstorm A.I. 2022
Wayfair and Land O'Lakes discuss supply chain technology with Fortune
Photograph by Nick Otto/Fortune

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a business area that’s garnered more attention over the last 2+ years than the supply chain. Just recently, Wayfair CTO Fiona Tan spoke about the supply chain at the FORTUNE Brainstorm A.I. 2022 event in San Francisco, where the focus was, you guessed it, artificial intelligence (AI). More specifically, how businesses are shifting from dabbling in A.I. to putting it into the hands of every worker.

For Fiona's session, she was joined by fellow Chief Technology Officer Teddy Bekele from Land O'Lakes and their host, Verne Kopytoff, from FORTUNE. Together they looked back at some of the supply chain challenges brought on by the pandemic and AI adoption within their respective organizations. They then shifted forward, looking at the expanding role of AI and robots in the supply chain and how these incredible innovations will help companies become more nimble, clever, and lean. You can check out the full session below.

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