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Wayfair Engineering Open Board Game Night

At Wayfair Engineering, we’re not just proud of the elegant technical solutions we implement, but we’re also proud of our team.  As part of our team bonding, we have frequent “Pod Outings,” activities that can be organized by any member of the Engineering team. Some recent Pod Outings have included a trip to play aerial dodgeball at SkyZone, a paintball outing where we honed our squad tactics, a relaxing day of golf, and our recurring breakfast club before work.  Sometimes the best outings are the ones we host at our offices, as we recently did when we decked out our 24th floor with food, beer, and every gaming system we could lay our hands on.

The team bonding isn’t limited to after-hours; several different groups of engineers get together at lunch throughout the week to play board and card games – Tuesday is usually dominated by Dominion, and Thursday is all about Bridge, Wizard, and other trick-taking games.

It doesn’t take a Wayfair engineer to see that there’s some synergy between our small lunch gatherings and our big after-hours blowouts, so we’re putting together our first Wayfair Engineering Open Board Game Night. We’re reaching out to the Boston engineering community to join us on our 24th floor (check out the sweet view) on Wednesday May 23rd from 6:30 to 9:00 pm. There will be free food and brew, along with a selection of our favorite games.

Register here to spend some quality time with the Wayfair engineering team. Feel free to bring your own favorite games and to bring your friends – but make sure to register them too, so we’re sure to have plenty of pizza to go around.  Since we will be ordering food and beverages based upon the number of registered users, Please don’t sign up unless you will make a best effort to attend.