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Eric Ries and the Lean Startup

Last January Eric Ries was kind enough to host a continuous deployment breakfast at Wayfair.

It was a great discussion, and we were happy to learn that we have independently arrived at similar conclusions over the last 9 years, and built a system that aligns closely with some of the principles that Eric advocates. The learning aspect and continuous improvement approach to the Lean Startup formula is an integral part of our method here, and why we resonate with Eric's message.

Today Eric is back in town and speaking at an event at the Harvard i-lab.

As a way to help spread the word about continuous improvement, the Lean Startup movement and our new engineering blog describing how those fit in at Wayfair we are going to be giving away 10 copies of Eric's book.

The first five blog posts mentioning the new engineering.wayfair.com site gets a copy of Eric's new book. Post a comment below with a link to your post so we know where to look. To help get the word out, tweet this post and we'll pick 5 random tweets to get books as well!